Posted on March 04, 2019

Self-care seems to be the first thing we sacrifice when things get hectic. Balancing education, jobs, parenting, a social life, daily chores, health and even sleep can seem an impossible task at the best of times, but taking some time out for yourself, even for just an hour a week, can benefit all of these things in ways you might not even realise.

Why Do We Need “Me” Time?

Although it might feel like we are sacrificing time that could be spent doing other more practical things, taking some “me” time for self-care is essential for preserving our overall wellbeing. Psychologists have demonstrated that taking some alone time actually helps to reboot our brains, improving our concentration and productivity in the long term and helping us to relax and unwind. As a result of taking some “me” time then, you are more likely to excel at work or school, enhance your relationships and even improve on sleep.

Taking some “me” time to switch off from the world also allows us time for deep thinking and self-discovery, which further benefits all aspects of our lives, from our careers to our relationships. Simply by taking this time to ourselves, by acknowledging that we deserve this reward and we are worth taking care of, self-care has amazing psychological benefits, boosting self-esteem and overall happiness.

Enhancing happiness and reducing stress in this manner can also have amazing physiological benefits too. Many studies have indicated that stress can speed up the aging process, harm essential sleep patterns, weaken the body’s immune system and make you more susceptible to mental health concerns such as depression. Quality “me” time can help to prevent such negative things from happening, however, and although it might feel impossible to fit into your hectic schedule, it’s much easier to get than you might expect.

How do I get some quality “Me” Time?

Particularly if you have kids or a stressful and demanding job, no doubt you already know how hard it seems to find even five minutes just for yourself, and many of us instantly feel guilty if we do take those spare minutes to indulge ourselves. Self-care, however, is something you should never feel guilty about. By allowing ourselves this time to indulge, to recuperate, and to relax, we strengthen so many other different areas of our life. Self-care is important for mind, body and soul.

A recent British study found that achieving quality “me” time is far more important than the quantity you get. So, rather than spending a few hours being frequently interrupted by your phone, emails or family members, it is far more beneficial to spend even just half an hour, completely and utterly to yourself, unwinding in whatever way you enjoy best. Whether you prefer to exercise, sit down with a good book or a good film, enjoy meditation or other holistic practices, or even just pamper yourself, it is just important that you choose something you enjoy.

We want you to know that you can always consider Bliss Health and Beauty as your sanctuary. Whether it’s a shellac manicure or a completely indulgent massage, our therapists are here to help you switch off from the outside world and let your tensions melt away. We have many treatments and products, particularly our ESPA range, specifically designed to aid relaxation and revitalisation so that, by taking just an hour out of your week, your mind, body and soul can feel rested and ready to face any challenges. Just remember, you deserve to be looked after too.