Posted on February 12, 2019

LVL lashes have taken the beauty world by storm. From trusted beauty bloggers and celebrities, to leading beauty salons and spas around the world, LVL lashes have received five star reviews across the board. But what exactly is it that makes them such a revolution, and why do you need an LVL lash lift in your life?

How Does LVL Work?

An LVL lash lift is unlike any other eyelash treatment as it works by lifting your lashes straight from their root, with no need for false eyelashes. During the LVL treatment, a lifting balm is applied to your lashes that contains hydrogen. When the hydrogen comes into contact with the air it oxidises, starting a chemical process where the disulphate bonds in each individual eyelash (the bonds that fix your eyelashes into their shape) are broken down. As a result, your eyelashes can then be easily reshaped without causing any damage whatsoever.

After moving your eyelashes into their new shape and tinting them, the volumizing fix is then applied to the lashes, reforming their disulphate bonds into their new lengthened and volumized shape. After 48 hours, and after carefully following the important aftercare steps given to you by your beauty therapist, the bonds have completely reset, locking your new lashes into their shape. Best of all, LVL lashes lasts in excess of 6-8 weeks, meaning that it’s perfect for anyone who prefers a low maintenance beauty routine or has a busy lifestyle.

What are the benefits of an LVL Lash Lift?

The biggest benefit to LVL lashes is that they are completely fuss free. An LVL lash lift is an eyes closed treatment, meaning you just have to lie back and relax for around an hour; we’ve even had some clients fall asleep they’ve found the process so relaxing! Yet, even once the treatment and 48 hour aftercare process is complete, there’s no real maintenance – all you need is a regular dose of Nouveau Lashes conditioning serum and your eyelashes will look beautiful all day and all night.

An LVL lash lift means you can wake up every single morning with perfectly done lashes, so you certainly never need to touch your eyelash curlers again, and some even ditch their mascara. Because of this, many of our clients choose an LVL lash lift before a holiday. Whether sunbathing on the beach, taking a dip in the pool, or even cruising on the ski slopes, the last thing you want to be doing is wearing a full face of makeup. With LVL lashes you can still have impactful eyes, but with no mascara there’s no need to worry about panda eye disasters.

With no need for mascara, an LVL lash lift is also a wonderful treatment for anyone who suffers with hayfever and allergies. Streaming and sore eyes don’t mix with mascara, but with LVL this is no longer a problem. As LVL lashes lasts in excess of 6-8 weeks, only 4 treatments should even see you through the entire pollen season.

While LVL lashes certainly do add a touch of luxury into your beauty routine, for the time they can save you, their startling impact and the ease of the treatment, we think they’re worthy of being added to your list of beauty essentials. LVL means no fuss and no falsies; just outstanding and natural length, volume and lift for your lashes.