The CACI Non-Surgical Facelift treatment has been developed with over 20 years of medical research, using the award winning CACI Facial Toning System to visibly lift and firm the face and neck area.

CACI is an innovative industry leader in non-invasive aesthetic treatment systems, renowned worldwide for their acclaimed CACI Non-Surgical Facelift Treatment. The CACI facelift treatment has been developed from extensive medical research spanning over 20 years, using microcurrent impulses to stimulate facial muscles, toning and lifting the face and neck area. CACI continually invest in their research and development to ensure that they lead the latest advancements in aesthetic treatment technology, and that CACI treatments consistently deliver exceptional results without the need for invasive procedures. 

At Bliss Health and Beauty, the CACI Non-Surgical Face Lift treatment is one of our most effective anti-aging treatments, but it also has added flexibility that allows us to tailor the treatment to compliment your other skincare needs. The CACI Non-Surgical Facelift will provide visible and dramatic results from the very first treatment, improving skin tone and texture, and reducing the appearance of fine lines so that your skin has a rejuvenated youthful glow and heightened facial contours. Alongside these results, our various CACI treatment options also include ultrasonic skin exfoliation and hydratone treatment to rehydrate, plump and brighten your skin, as well as light therapy to promote healing and regeneration deep within skin cells and tissues. 

We choose to use CACI, and the CACI Non-Surgical Facelift Treatment in particular, because of the outstanding results consistently produced by the treatment, especially when the recommended course of ten treatments is undertaken. CACI equipment is state of the art, based on the latest scientific research and advancements in electronics, to ensure that your skin is thoroughly refreshed with long-lasting results and benefits that continue to provide you with a youthful glow. As it is UK based, CACI also offer us excellent training and support for their treatments and equipment, so that our therapists can continue to provide outstanding anti-aging results from the CACI facelift treatment, every single time.

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