Shellac is widely regarded as the best gel polish in the beauty industry. With an impeccable long-lasting finish, a Shellac manicure and pedicure can give you flawless, strong and healthy nails.

Shellac is the innovative gel polish from Creative Nail Design, industry leaders in the nail care industry. Meticulously researched and tested, Shellac provides an exceptional, flawless finish that lasts between 1 and 3 weeks. The Shellac nails system of base coat, colour coat and top coat, sealed and set with a specially designed LED lamp, provides your nail colour with fabulous strength, resisting chipping and damage that ordinary nail polish can't stand up to. With no damage on application or removal, a Shellac manicure or pedicure is a wonderful way to maintain perfect looking and healthy nails. 

We have an extensive range of Shellac nail colours, from understated nudes to striking and vibrant shades of colour for every occasion, season and style. We also offer a beautiful, natural French finish and, for a little extra glamour, a full glitter "Rockstar" finish. 

Shellac offers a flawless, long-lasting finish every single time without compromising the health of your nails, and it is for this reason why we at Bliss choose to offer Shellac as a central part of our nail treatments. From the wide range of available colours and finishes, to the long-lasting and exceptional quality delivered to the look and finish of your nails, Shellac truly is superior to every other gel polish. As the removal of Shellac is also quick and easy, and doesn't cause any damage to the nails, a Shellac manicure and pedicure can help to provide all round care to your hands and feet so that you can have beautiful nails, whatever the occasion, every day of the year.

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