Lycon hot wax is one of the most effective and comfortable hair removal methods. We only use Lycon wax for our intimate waxing treatments because of the premium quality and care their products deliver.  

Lycon wax provides hair removal results far superior to any other intimate waxing brand. Created in Australia from the finest resins, natural ingredients and carefully selected aromatherapy oils, Lycon hot wax delivers unparalleled results, removing thick and stubborn hair far more easily and comfortably than any other product. 

At Bliss Health and Beauty, all of our intimate waxing treatments are performed with Lycon hot wax. The low temperature formula ensures that your experience of Lycon wax is as comfortable as possible, your skin doesn't suffer any unnecessary irritation or trauma and you are always left with silky smooth and conditioned skin after your intimate waxing treatment. To compliment the Lycon hot wax, we also make use of Lycon's pre- and post-waxing solutions to keep your bikini line clear of bumps or ingrown hair so that the results of the treatment can last as long as possible. 
Lycon hot wax truly is the premium brand for intimate waxing and this is why we choose to use only their products in our intimate waxing treatments. The performance delivered by Lycon wax is superior to any other intimate waxing product that we have experienced, effectively removing even the most stubborn of hairs in the most comfortable manner without leaving any residue. 

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