ESPA skincare treatments are among the most effective and caring holistic treatments in the world. We use ESPA products because of their high quality and outstanding results across a variety of skin types. 

ESPA is a thoroughly British brand synonymous with both high quality and outstanding results, developed from their leading work with dermatologists, biochemists and aromatherapists. Each one of their products is carefully crafted, so that ESPA skincare products all contain unique and natural ingredients that effectively treat your skin while still immersing you in luxury and providing a sense of inner calm. ESPA products are a full sensory experience, created with beautiful aromatherapy oils and specially formulated textures to leave your skin soft, smooth and completely cared for. 

At Bliss Health and Beauty, we offer a wide range of specially developed face and body treatments using ESPA skincare products. All of these ESPA treatments are holistic therapy for the face, body and mind to provide you with a luxurious, relaxing experience that still generates outstanding results. Whether you are looking to target dry or dehydrated skin, aging skin, or to detoxify specific problem areas, ESPA products can gently remedy these issues whilst ESPA's aromatherapy oils leave you in a state of full body and mind bliss. We also offer many ESPA products for sale within our salon, so that you can continue this exceptional skin and body care at home too. 

ESPA are market leaders in aromatherapy skincare, and we choose to use their products and deliver their specifically developed ESPA skincare treatments because of their exceptional quality and proven results. All ESPA skincare products demonstrate immediate results and simultaneously offer long term, scientifically researched and proven benefits for the health and structure of your skin. Their natural and beneficial skincare products and treatments offer remedy and replenishment to all skin types, as well as offering something special to all of our salon customers as part of an experience of ultimate luxury. They also provide fabulous support and training to our therapist team, which enables us to continue to provide you with outstanding results and holistic therapy for your face, body and mind. ESPA is an experience for everyone to enjoy. 

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