Environ skin care has been extensively developed by medical professionals since 1990, delivering results-driven products worldwide that keep skin looking and feeling at its healthiest and most resilient. 

Environ products are globally renowned for their consistently high performing skin care. With their mission to keep skin beautiful for life, Environ skin care products are created from intensive medical research to restore and revitalise skin in the healthiest and most efficient way. Pioneered by Dr Des Fernandes in the 1980s, one of the best plastic surgeons in the world, the formula of Environ products are rich in vital vitamins, anti-oxidants and nutrients, including vitamin A, the cornerstone ingredient of every Environ skin care product. Fernandes discovered the essential role of vitamin A in maintaining glowing, youthful skin, and the importance in replacing vitamin A daily. By combining vitamin A with other essential skin nutrients, Environ skin care products have a long and successful history of creating beautiful skin through powerful scientific research.

At Bliss Health and Beauty, we offer an extensive range of Environ skin care products for sale and an Iozyme Facial to work alongside these Environ products and help increase the vitamin absorption rate of your skin. Environ products are suited to all skin types, and through their rebalancing and normalising effect on the skin they can also be used to solve all manner of skin problems including the effects of aging, acne, congested skin and uneven pigmentation. Environ skin care operates on a vitamin step up system, allowing the skin to gradually adjust to new levels of vitamin A and achieve optimum health, radiance and youthfulness. Our therapists are very happy to offer a consultation with you to work out which products are best suited to your skin and any skin problems you may have, and develop a long-term skin care plan that offers proven results suited to you and your needs. 

We believe Environ products to be one of the best available skin care ranges in the world, providing specific solutions to a number of skin concerns whilst also restoring your skin to its natural, youthful radiance. It is an advanced aesthetic range suitable for all ages and all skin types, immersed in proven scientific research, keeping your skin healthy and resilient throughout your daily life. Providing the essential vitamins and nutrients that your skin craves in order to maintain its healthy glow, Environ skin care products truly do help to deliver beautiful skin for life. 

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